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Printing Labels

Keith Brink
Updated 4 months ago
This article contains the instructions for printing barcode labels (including FNSKU labels) and shipping labels.

With the Stations feature, you can automatically print labels to your specified printers without opening a PDF or otherwise interacting with the labels.

Install the Tray Application

We are currently partnered with AZLabels to use the AZLabels Instant application to provide this feature. This application needs to be installed on your local machine. The download links are available here:

 Download for Windows
 Download for Mac
 Download for Linux

Once the AZLabels application is installed and has been started, PrepBusiness will be able to communicate directly with your printers.

Create a Station

To configure the printers, you will need to create a station. A station represents a single desktop or workstation, and is assigned to a user. If multiple users share a workstation, they can easily switch between them by click the station status icons on the top of the screen.

To create a station, click your profile picture on the top right and select Account Settings. In the tabs at the top of your settings, click "Stations".

Your printers will be automatically loaded, and you can select them from the dropdown for each printer category.

You also will need to select the barcode label size that you would like to print.

FNSKU Labels

FNSKU labels can be printed from outbound or inbound shipments.

On inbound shipments, once you have received items, the Print Item Labels button will appear. The quantity printed will correspond to the number that you have marked as received.

Shipping Labels

Shipping labels can be printed from outbound shipments. Click the "Options" button, then select Print Labels to download the shipping labels for that shipment.
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